Thursday, July 1, 2010

Gun Research

I am back with more research on reliable guns! :)
The Rung Paisarn RPS-001 is made in Thailand. Never heard of Thailand producing weapons? In that case, you're wrong. The Rung Paisarn is made with excellent quality and high perfomance. The overall length is 102.37 cm. By its design, anyone can tell that the Rung Paisarn RPS-001 has components of an M-16 assault rifle, specifically that of a M-16A2. It uses 5.56*45 mm NATO caliber. It fires about 650 rounds per minute. It has a maximum effective range of 400 m.

The H&K G36 assault rifle originated from Germany is also an excellent rifle. A maximum range of 800 m is a great advantage as well as 750 rounds per minute. It is however, heavier than the Rung Paisarn by about 400 g and due to rotating bolt actions which might produce higher recoil,the gun requires steadier hands.

That's about it for this post, see if I'll post later ;) !

Gun research

This is not in relevance to Blackshot.
I have done quite some research on guns and the ones I like are:
Thompson Light Rifle (
Gun type: Assault rifle originated from the famous Thompson SMG
Colt Peacemaker (
Gun type: Revolver Single-Action-Army
Gun type: Assault Rifle Light Mk.16

Fan of guns? Play PSP new game of 9.5/10 rating: Metal Gear PeaceWalker .
(Just released 2010 June 22 or 23)
Previous version was Metal Gear Solid Portable Ops Plus.
Try out Metal Gear Solid Portable Ops first. It shows the story mode about the Cold War.
It has got interesting history in it and I was engrossed till the end of the game.

I will post the facts about these cool guns and maybe other ones soon. Ceeya I,ve got to go for tuition now.

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Blackshot sniper guide

Set aside around 6400 BP to buy the M24 sniper or AWP sniper. M24 gives fast switching between weapons while AWP has more ammo and damage. Buy a desert eagle as side weapon as it is capable of headshots with high damge and a kukhri knife for 1-hit K.O. melee. Grenades are useful against AR, SMG holders when you meet one. Quick reloading requires you to switch weapons. Change weapon to knife or pistol and change back to sniper. Press double "Q" after you have shot a bullet. Quickscope requires you to practice the direction of your sniper without scoping. Sand Storm is a good place to do that especially the middle portion. Beware of grenades, though. Additional armour helps you survive against tough riflemen. Backstabbing enemies in Panic Space map is my favourite thing to do. I killed 6 people in-a-row before dying in less than a minute. Watch to see a professional AWP quickscoper.

Blackshot Map Guide

Team Death matches are the most simple to excel in. The Lost Temple, a fairly simple structured map yet full of battle tactics, is my most favourite Team Death Match map. It consists of three levels. The second and third level can be assessed by stairways at either teams base. The first level has a mid-way entrance to either side of the first level. Another entrance lies at the team's base which leads you to the respawn section. I basically will try to take the top levels first. By the way, I play 4v4. There are many places to camp at the opponents's side of the upper levels. 2 people will take top levels and another 2 to take the bottom levels. When we win by more than 5 points, all 4 of us will choose to take the upper levels. 1 will camp at our base's slope leading to the upper levels (not the stairway) in case enemies backstab us by coming through lower levels. Another will frequently check on the first level by standing on the mid-way entrance. He will also help protect the second level. 2 more guard at the opponents base. 1 to stay at the back of the second level in view of their stairway and another to stand at third level or the stairway to third level so it is possible to check for opponents trying to sneak up by the slope. Snipers normally take first level while SMG holders take second level. Assault rifle holders can take anywhere in the map but it is more advantageous to occupy the third level first.

Sunday, June 27, 2010

Blackshot assault rifles (AR) guide

The three main factors of ARs people take into consideration first are: damage, recoil and accuracy. The next factors considered are the rate of fire and ammo count.

High producers of damage: Ak-47, Type-64 always have a bad comeback in return for high damage. These guns produce high recoil. Why does recoil affect us? Basically, the entire gun on the screen would jerk up in a sudden motion, making continuous firing extremely inaccurate and seperate shots (waiting for gun to cool from recoil) would be much more effective. However, seperate shots take time and are only effective at far-range. At close range, the maximum time to fire these guns is 3.5~4 seconds. Aim at the body to get headshots during recoil. Without headshots, the Ak-47 would still be able to finish off opponents easily as damage kicks in. Ak-47 is your gun if you enjoy soloing opponents. This was my second gun I used and I never got bored of it. Type-64 requires more skill as recoil has a strange pattern people might not get used to.

Extreme Accuracy based guns: Type-89, SCAR, XM8. I suggest buying Type-89 for beginners as it is easy to control and you can get alot of kills at far-range as well as mid-range. This is the first gun I used and it pretty much worked for me :) ! However, the Type-89 has a muffled rifle sound which many would get influenced by after using other loud, coughing guns. My cousin got sick of the sound as well as me :( ! Hopefully you're not in for such comfort like us and will continue to explore the wonders of this gun. SCAR, is the most expensive gun in the game for BP guns, but boasts a good high-average in all areas, expecially accuracy. This gun might not be easy to use first, and it should take awhile to get used to the rifle. The first time I used this rifle, I died without killing anyone :( ! I do not suggest buying XM8 as there are opportunities into getting this gun in desert form now and then by the rank up rewards at an early stage (Gold Sergeant) and more around Gold and Red Staff Sergeant.

Personal favourites:
I did not like any of these guns by other people's opinions or performance with it, it is solely based on my liking.
Normal HK-416- popular gun, HK-416 forest with silencer is an extremely well-liked gun by other people. This gun is stable and average, it also has a cool design and is cheaper than average 1800 BP guns at a price of 1700 BP for 1 hour.
M4A1- third gun I used, almost exactly the same as HK-416. Cool reloading. I've always liked this gun in reality.

Blackshot Genration Foreword

Hey, dude! You're missing a letter there, change it! Nah, the word "Genration" does not need to be changed. That's because "Genra" is the name of my Blackshot character! Hi there, whoever is reading this! This post includes the Foreword of my newly created blog dedicated to the game Blackshot.

Dear readers, I suppose you guys already know the first-person-shooter game Blackshot, which is the exact reason why you are reading my blog.
For one, hackers are often seen in the game. I see at least two hackers per week. Whenever I meet a hacker, I leave immediately if no one cares to boot him without considering whether he is on my team or not. If the hacker fails to get booted (which obviously happens every now and then), I do the same thing. I hate these guys so much 'cause they have no skill. Just searching a hack on the internet takes a minute. Hacking is no fun at all. You don't get the fun of the game by hacking to win. So for those guys that keep losing out there, don't lose hope and keep trying! :)

1.1 Basics of Blackshot

Assault Rifles (AR), Sniper Rifles (SR), Sub-Machine guns (SMG) and Sub weapons.
Shotguns are classified under (AR). Knives and pistols are classified under Sub.

Male and Female types.
Two Male types- Adam Garcia and Travis Banner.
Two Female types- Vanessa Green and Cathy Finn.

Adam Garcia and Cathy Finn are specialists in defence.
Vanessa Green and Travis Banner are specialists in speed.

Defence allows you to enter combat with two or more enemies aware of your presence at a time.
Good against snipers with armour.
Speed allows you to take enemies by surprise and they excel on one on one battles making advantage of their surroundings.